General Practice Fees (New Fees from - 01 November 2023)

Please note that valid Medicare is required to be presented at each appointment.

Note: All Phone Consultations with a valid Medicare Card from 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM will incur a fee $ 50 per phone consult on Saturday $ 60 (Out of Pocket)

Printing Charges : Reports /  Documents / Anything else : will incur a fee of $ 1 per page. This has to be paid at the reception. We don't do colour printing, please bring your own.





Children Less than 16 years


9 Am - 5 Pm       

After 5 Pm              

  Out of Pocket              $50 AdminFee (Once Off) followed by Bulk Billing.

  Out of Pocket  $ 50

 Out of Pocket  $60

All Patients with Valid Medicare Card (except Children)


Nurse Fees - Mon - Fri

(Child Vaccination, Injection, Careplans etc)

   9 Am -  6.30 Pm               

Out of Pocket  $50


Out of Pocket $ 25 

 Out of Pocket  $60



Patients with no Medicare Card

     All Day

 $150 (15 Min Cons)

(Can claim back majority of fees from insurance)

 $150 (15 Min Cons)

Credit Card Fees, Terminal Fees, Merchant Fees, Pay wave, Tap, Non-Touch Payment, Eftpost all incur a Surcharge, which is collected by credit service provider.


Additional Service Fees

Iron Infusion - $ 190

Spirometry - $ 40

ECG - $ 50

Dressings - From $ 40

Pregnancy Test (Urine) - $ 20

Medical Assessments for Taxi, Police - $ 150 (No medicare - $ 200)

Completion of Medical Documentation (For income protection, Centrelink, Superannuation) - $ 150

Biopsy - $ 80

Cyst Removal - $ 250

Ear Syringe - $ 100

IUD Insertion - $ 250

IUD Removal - $ 100

Implanon Insertion - $ 80

Implanon Removal - $ 120

Mental Health Plan - $ 100 (Saturday $ 120)

Tranfer of Medical Records - $ 80

Pre-employments ranging from $230 to $300 (on-spot urine and drug testing)

Request of Prescription and Referral Letters on Phone - without Appointments can be done, if you are existing patient of the Clinic and have seen the Doctor in the last 6 Months.

A Fee of $ 50 (9am to 6.30pm) and $ 60 (Saturdays) need to be paid before Collection of the above.


Our Fee  and Appointment Policy

Please note: Patients who hold a current Health Care Card are not exempt from the above mentioned fees. All payments are to be made on the day of the consultation.

*Credit Card Transaction Incur a Surcharge & Terminal Rental Fees"

For any special circumstances regarding payment of fees, you may discuss these confidentially with your GP.

Full payment is required on the day. Cheques, EFT and cash are accepted. 

Late Cancellation & DNA (Did not arrive on Appointment)

If you can't make your appointment please cancel your appointment by using online booking or call the clinic 2 hrs before your appointment . Failure to attend an appointment or provide notice well before 2 hr will incur a fee of your "full appointment cost" of $ 50 or $ 60. This is to provide appointment to patients in need. Please don't book if you can't attend, because that appointment time could help someone who really needs it.

When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other patients and our doctors are waiting & expecting to see you at your appointed time. In order to be respectful of your fellow patients, please cancel you appointment well before cutoff time or else you will be incur a full fee for your appointment.  


Contact Details

Phone: (03) 9370-0890
Email: admin@essendonfmc.com.au   

Suite 1 / 143 Napier Street, Essendon, Vic 3040